Workshops & Training

My approach to training focuses on participant engagement, learning and development best practices and simple, practical takeaways that people will actually implement. I have years of experience designing and delivering workshops for organizations such as MasterCard Foundation, Moneris Solutions, Meridian, Ontario Public Service, TJX, Mohawk College and DeGroote School of Business among others.

Please reach out and say hello if you have any questions about anything I offer, and let’s take the first steps toward creating a culture of empathic support, psychological safety and demonstrated understanding in your organization.

Empathy Skills Training

This experiential, fun workshop helps leaders and teams use empathy for improved relationships and business results. Through gameplay, discussion, focused practice and action planning, participants will gain practical actions and tools for applying empathy in their work and life.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Experience, practice and observe empathy skills and behaviors
  • Learn ways to communicate with empathy for improved business impact
  • Gain insights into the role of empathy in team effectiveness, collaboration, communication and trust
  • Identify specific commitments and actions for empathy skills application in the workplace

Self-Care & Mindfulness Program

This program has been designed to help participants learn, practice and include healthy and helpful tools into their daily routine. Using a combination of cognitive science, research on habit-forming, learning and development best practices, experience design, reflection and human connection, this program provides an experiential, fun and engaging way for people to make self-care a priority leading to mental wellness. Evidence-based tools and approaches will be shared, discussed and practiced throughout the program alongside assessments and tracking to ensure growth, learning and relevance.

Participants will:

  • learn how and why emotions surface the way they do
  • learn how to exit a negative cycle of thought by getting off autopilot
  • learn how to self-regulate, reflect and respond rather than react
  • learn how to use the habit loop to make self-care habitual
  • learn effective, evidence-based tools that are free, ‘portable’, simple and always available

Post-Traumatic Growth

This interactive, immersive workshop provides First Responders (and individuals dealing with trauma) and their partners a creative, fun way to explore and build resiliency. Participants co-create a bridge between current state and desired future while gaining self-care and mindfulness tools that will help them stay grounded and calm through the process during and after the workshop. Combining cognitive science, habit formation and frictionless learning, participants discover the solutions that fit smoothly into their routine and make sense for their individual experience.

Participants will:

  • Explore and identify the gap between their current state and desired future (resilience)
  • Understand the cycle of thought and how to exit the negative spiral it produces
  • Learn grounding and self-regulation techniques
  • Learn how to leverage the habit loop for habitual self-care
  • Recognize the different perspectives on trauma and its effects that each partner holds on their relationship