I’ve been there. As a person with lived experience, I’ve lived and struggled through a journey of healing and wellness that has improved my life, work, and relationships. I view my struggle as an asset, not a liability. I’ve delivered keynote presentations at major conferences around the world, and I share my findings from evidence-based research and lived experience with mental illness to push back against stigma. I want to help your organization or audience do this too. Let’s talk!
Here’s a sample of the topics I’d love to share to heighten the experience of the attendees at your event:

Walk the Talk on Mental Health & Wellness:

Storytelling, passion and truth. I encourage the audience to make mental wellness a core value of their organization through empathy, self-care, mindfulness and mindful reflection.

My Story – Post-Traumatic Growth:

I share my story of thriving in the aftermath of PTSD, depression and anxiety, and inspire the audience to insert self-care and mindfulness habits into their routine for a better balance of mental wellness and increased resiliency.

Empathy – The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century:

I explore, explain and demonstrate the power of empathy, what it looks like and how the audience can use the 6 skills of empathy in their daily lives for improved relationships, communication, productivity and happiness.

Take a look: