It’s all about the experience these days. Whether that be customer, user, employee, or learning experience, I can help you remove friction, reduce time-to-value, and provide people with value-driven touchpoints along a journey they won’t forget.

You’ve got to stand out. And whether you do that in a positive or negative way, you can be sure that someone, somewhere has written a review about their experience.

Surprise and delight customers. Promote that flywheel momentum of happy customers to drive referrals and repeat sales. Ensure employees are engaged and motivated. Keep your business spinning in the experience economy.

Let’s increase the level of engagement and satisfaction that people derive from your products and services, and ensure they get an experience that matches their needs and context.

Connect here. My team will reach out to you in 1-2 business days.


“We had never thought about the full, designed experience of our customers or employees before we met Jamie. His excellent, creative guidance helped us to be more intentional about the ‘before, during and after’. And despite all of us experiencing it, we somehow had not clued in to the importance of reducing friction before! Not only did we have our eyes opened, but we also managed to highlight next steps that have already made a difference. I cannot recommend Jamie enough.” – Darlene T., VP Operations, global hospitality brand