• Engaging, practical and effective training programs leading to more productive workplaces

Training solutions that drive performance and behavior. Invest in well-designed learning experiences.


Digging deep to uncover challenges and apply solutions that effectively address problems, not symptoms


Research-based learning experience design that works WITH the brain, not against it. 


Presentation or Facilitation honed from years of stage experience for meaningful, memorable audience engagement


-the art of asking good questions

You’re experiencing a challenge. I’ll ask the good questions to get to the root of it.

As a training and development leader, consultant and senior learning experience designer, I dig deep to identify and analyze your challenges and recommend the path to solve them.

My consultative approach is built upon the creative problem solving process – Discover. Ideate. Develop. Implement.:

  1. Discover: employing divergent tools and effective questions, I identify and understand your challenge
  2. Ideate: expanding beyond habitual thinking patterns, I generate ideas that answer the challenge discovered
  3. Develop: evaluating possible options through convergent tools, this co-creation exercise is where we design the solution that fits
  4. Implement: executing on the best possible solution, we put in place a plan of action based on identified resources

Using a combination of creative problem solving, design thinking, habit formation research, cognitive science, experience design and effective learning principles, I bring a unique, robust approach to every organization.

Let’s have a conversation and see how we can get started!

Creative Problem Solving is a proven method for approaching a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. (Creative Education Foundation)



The foundations of my training design include:

  • learning research
  • experience design
  • cognitive science
  • behavior design
  • marketing

I focus on:

  • participant engagement and motivation
  • practical application
  • personalized interaction
  • memorable experience

I have years of experience designing and delivering training solutions and workshops for organizations such as:

  • MasterCard Foundation
  • Moneris Solutions
  • Meridian
  • Ontario Public Service
  • TJX
  • Mohawk College
  • RBC
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • DeGroote School of Business
  • University of Toronto
  • Pink Elephant
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers
  • Institute for Performance and Learning

Please reach out and say hello if you have any questions about how we’ll work together or my approach, and let’s take the first steps toward creating a solution for your challenge.

“If you believe that training is expensive, it is because you do not know what ignorance costs. Companies that have the loyalty of their employees invest heavily in permanent training programs and promotion systems. ”
Michael Leboeuf: ‘The Great Principle of Management’)



Your audience wants a meaningful, memorable experience, not a ‘sage-on-the-stage’. They want to interact, engage and connect. I’ve been delivering keynote presentations and facilitating sessions worldwide for years always with glowing feedback. I believe the wisdom is in the room and seek to leverage it for lasting impact.

My presentations and sessions include: 

  • storytelling that connects with the audience and heightens the emotional experience
  • audience participation and interaction that encourages connection with the ideas and each other to help the learning stick
  • clean visuals that reduce cognitive load and enhance the message
  • plain language that allows for understanding and application of the key takeaways

As a polymath, there is much that I have shared from the stage or front of the room to fit the situation, audience and desired outcome of the event. Here a few topics I have addressed in cities across the world: 

  • Learning technologies
  • The Importance of Empathy
  • Digital Innovation
  • Walking the Talk on Mental Wellness
  • Social Media Marketing and Digital Fluency

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“Jamie was such a popular and well-received speaker with excellent feedback that we invited him to speak five years in a row!”

Lead Conference Organizer, Toronto

Learn well. Perform better.

What clients say:

“I had the pleasure to work with Jamie at Global Knowledge. As an executive of the company, I not only appreciated tremendously what he did for our organization’s culture, but I greatly valued his coaching and his generosity.”

Executive, Global Knowledge Canada

“Best presentation at the summit by far. Well done!”

Conference attendee, Las Vegas

“Jamie’s workshop was challenging and fun. The skill of empathy is typically misunderstood, but was explained so clearly. It really made us think about how we interact with each other as teams and cross functionally, and how we can apply this in a practical setting at work.”

Chief People Officer, Aeryon Labs Inc

About Me – Jamie Good – Speaker and Senior Learning Experience Designer

I am an expert facilitator and sought-after speaker, and will guarantee audience participation, engagement and satisfaction to ensure relevance and retrieval. I have more than a decade experience designing and delivering workshops and presentations that energize participants and heighten the experience for the audience.

I have been invited to speak worldwide and have had the pleasure of sharing stories, knowledge and inspiration in Toronto, Montreal, London (UK), Ghent (Belgium), Vancouver, Austin (TX), Las Vegas and elsewhere.

My clients are thrilled that I create learning experiences that are highly interactive and include a focus on commitment and action. I make them look good.

Let’s add your organization to the list of satisfied clients!

“This was by far my favorite session. Jamie provided great insight and I appreciated the real world examples and the opportunity to brainstorm with those in the audience. This was the only session where I was able to talk with my neighbor.”

Conference attendee, London UK

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