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    Working to improve mental wellness through applied empathy and self-care to create happier, more productive workplaces.

See business results as mental wellbeing in your workplace leads to higher productivity, increased sales, more creativity and customer satisfaction while reducing attrition and costs


Bring Jamie in-house to help your team embrace empathy and self-care leading to a workplace of mental wellness


Together, let’s get rid of stigma and barriers, and equip your team with the empathy skills and self-care tools needed for workplace mental wellness


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let’s work together to make mental wellness not just a priority, but a core value of your organization

“I had the pleasure to work with Jamie at Global Knowledge. As an executive of the company, I not only appreciated tremendously what he did for our organization’s culture, but I greatly valued his coaching and his generosity.”

Jocelyn BérardAuthor, Speaker

WHY: See Business Results!

“The evidence shows that people who achieve good standards of well-being at work are likely to be more creative, more loyal, and more productive.”
(New Economics Foundation)

  • How critical is the mental performance of your team/employees?
  • How important is mental wellness for focus, cooperation, collaboration, communication and trust?
  • How does the mental health of your team affect turnover, time off, injuries and ‘presenteeism’?

‘Mental health conditions present substantial costs to organisations. However, through the successful implementation of an effective action to create a mentally healthy workplace, organisations, on average, can expect a positive return on investment of 2.3.’
(PWC official report)

WHAT: Make mental wellness a core value of your organization

Through frictionless, experiential learning, applied empathy and deeper conversations that lead to behavior change, I help equip your team with the tools needed for workplace mental wellness.

Together, let’s get rid of stigma and barriers, and help your team learn how to manage relationships with empathy. We’ll work together to co-create customized wellness solutions and toolkits with respect and understanding. Let’s build a workplace with a positive outlook by tackling difficult issues through play, adventure, discovery, creativity and human connection that leads to effective outcomes.

“The Empathy Workshop was challenging and fun. The skill of empathy is typically misunderstood, but was explained so clearly. It really made us think about how we interact with each other as teams and cross functionally, and how we can apply this in a practical setting at work.”

Kelly RasmussenCHRP Talent Specialist, Aeryon Labs Inc

HOW: Experiential workshops, inspiring keynotes and unique coaching

As a PWLE (Person with Lived Experience), Jamie helps coach leaders and organizations to walk the talk on mental health by proactively helping their employees experience genuine well-being in the workplace. Using a combination of lived experience, creative problem solving, habit forming, brain science and effective learning principles, Jamie brings a unique, effective approach to every organization.

“Jamie was such a popular and well-received speaker with excellent feedback that we invited him to speak five years in a row!”

Andy FoleyLead IPL Conference Organizer


  • Empathy Skills Training for Teams
  • Empathy for Couples
  • Self-Care and Mindfulness Tools & Habits
  • Post-Traumatic Growth for First Responders


  • Walk the Talk on Mental Health & Wellness
  • My Story: Thriving Despite PTSD
  • Empathy: The Most Important Skill of the 21st Century

WHO: Jamie Good

Expert trainer and facilitator, sought-after speaker and experienced coach

Jamie is an expert facilitator who guarantees audience participation, engagement and satisfaction to ensure relevance and retrieval. He is also an internationally recognized and sought-after keynote speaker, and as a PWLE (Person with Lived Experience), speaks and trains from a deep understanding and experience with the struggles of mental illness and the benefits of mental wellness.

“Best presentation at the summit by far. Well done!”

Ken D.Conference Attendee

In our global knowledge-based economy, you can‘t let an unhealthy workplace limit or decrease an employee’s potential to contribute their energy and ideas

(Lowe. G, The Wellness Dividend, 2014)

“This was by far my favorite session. Jamie provided great insight and I appreciated the real world examples and the opportunity to brainstorm with those in the audience. This was the only session where I was able to talk with my neighbor.”

Tricia K.Conference Session Attendee


Now. Be proactive. Lost productivity = one-third of the annual $51 billion cost of mental illness in Canada (Dewa, C.S., Thompson, A.H. & Jacobs P., 2011)

If mental illness is left unmanaged, your organization may experience workplace related risks:

  • more accidents
  • workers’ compensation claims
  • disability
  • workplace violence
  • harassment and discrimination claims.


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  • your office
  • public workshops in various cities
  • on stage at events and conferences
  • Frontline Forward
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